Recipe for vegetable upma


Vegetable Upma recipe with easy-to-follow instructions. Rava upma is a simple Indian breakfast dish made with semolina, spices, roasted nuts and lentils. Many like to add vegetables to it to make it wholesome and that’s how I like it too. This recipe is going to be a staple in your home if you make it!

Required Ingredients:

• Suji – 1 cup

• Tomato – ½ cup

• Ginger – 50 gms

• Onion – Chopped ½ cup

• Rai – 1 TBL spoon

• Salt – As per taste

• Golki – 3

• Capsicum – ½ cup

• Lemon – ½ slice

• Peanut – 20 gms

• Alu Bhujia – 20 gms

• Water – 1½ cup

• Oil – 1 TBL spoon

How to cook:

1. First, we will roast the peanuts before till it turns brown.

2. After roasting peanuts, we will roast suji till it is light brown

3. Put 1 TBL spoon oil in the pan and add rai into it.

4. Once rai is fried we need to add onion, capsicum and tomato.

5. After frying for 5 mins, cover the pan and let the vegetables boil for 10 mins.

6. Add lemon and salt as per your taste.

7. Add roasted suji to the boiling water and stir it till the vegetables are soaked into suji.

8. Serve the prepared upma into a plate and garnish it with roasted peanuts and aloo bhujia.

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